What is The Trancewar?

 You may already be familiar with information warfare...I use "trancewar" as something of an extension of that concept. Being of the mind that reality-as-we-perceive-it is illusory by design, and further that the nature of this illusion we call reality is partially determined by our own imposition of patterns, associations, and definitions, I contend that the power to define this illusion is the only power that really matters. From here, I would argue that every single conflict that exists is a conflict over control of this power in some form or another. The trancewar is the eternal struggle for whatever experiential world one seeks to inhabit.

This is not to say that I think no objective reality exists, but rather that whether or not true objectivity exists is irrelavant to the extent that we are incapable of knowing the world except through the biological and psychocultural perceptual filters available to us. The nature of these filters is the trancewar's primary concern, because these filters frame our experience of reality to the point of becoming that reality. In later posts, I'll further detail my reasoning as necessary.

It's really all about stories...who the good guys are, who the bad guys are, what they're fighting over, how, and so on. It's about symbols in play, what these happen to represent, and how these happen to interact. It's about people, what they desire, and why. Mostly, though, it's about playing around with stuff that most people take way too seriously. Like pretty much everything.